Superior quality dobermans with strong drives and excellent temperaments. Smack-Dab Dobes are structurally sound, have impecable movement coming and going. Litters are bred for health, temperement & longevity with ancestors living to 13 & 14-1/2. All breeding stock fully health tested. Dobes that can do it all. Pups sell for $2,800 and up which includes ear cropping. I will not sell a doberman with uncropped ears. Fenced yard is required. No electric fences.

Reservations recommended. Owners are required take puppies to a puppy class and basic obedience. NO EXCEPTIONS.  All Black litter Born 4/27/2020.  6 Females 5 Males. All health testing complete.

Contact Kathy Fay personally to discuss.  References required. 630/562-9549.